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#192 -Mama with Blossoms - UV DTF 4in Decal

#192 -Mama with Blossoms - UV DTF 4in Decal

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This listing is for one (1) UV DTF decal.

4" decal printed with white backing allowing it to stand out on ANY background color.


Application instructions:

Step one: ensure your tumbler is smooth, clean and dry.

Step two: remove backing from transfer

Step three: precisely place transfer on the cup

(Be careful! The adhesive is STRONG and once it's on, it's ON!)

Step four: Secure your transfer by pressing down from the middle out, and rub out those bubbles.

Once that's done, remove the clear protecting film and admire your work!

These transfers are good on their own or can be sealed. Totally up to you!

While UV DTF Transfers are waterproof, we highly suggest hand washing only to ensure your hard work is protected at all costs.